Locus Award-SF Novel

  Larry Niven-Ringworld I: Ringworld (Lumea Inelară) Teora (1997)
Roger Zelazny-Amber I: Nine Princes in Amber (Nouă Prinți din Amber) Olimp (1994), Tritonic (2005)
Wilson Tucker-The Year of the Quiet Sun
Hal Clement-Mesklinite III: Starlight
Robert Silverberg-Downward to the Earth
Robert Silverberg-Tower of Glass
Poul Anderson-Tau Zero
Joanna Russ-And Chaos Died
D.G. Compton-Chronocules
David Guy Compton-The Steel Crocodile
R.A.Lafferty-Fourth Mansions
Joanna Russ-And Chaos Died
Gordon Rupert Dickson-Childe Cycle IV: The Tactics of Mistake
Robert A. Heinlein-I Will Fear No Evil
Dean R. Koontz-Beastchild
Katherine Kurtz-Deryni I: Deryni Rising
Ron Goulart-Fragmented America I: After Things Fell Apart

  Ursula K.LeGuin-The Lathe of Heaven
Philip Jose Farmer-Riverworld I: To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Lumea Fluviului:Înapoi la Trupurile Voastre Răzlețite) Nemira (1996,2007)
Philip Jose Farmer-Riverworld II: The Fabulous Riverboat (Vasul Miraculos) Nemira (1997,2006)
Robert Silverberg-A Time of Changes (Timp al Schimbărilor) Pygmalion (1995)
Robert Silverberg-The World Inside
Robert Silverberg-Son of Man
Robert Silverberg-The Second Trip
Roger Zelazny-Jack of Shadows
Anne McCaffrey-Dragonriders of Pern II: Dragonquest
Poul Anderson-The Byworlder
R.A. Lafferty-Arrive at Easterwine: The Autobiography of a Ktistec Machine
R.A. Lafferty-Devil Is Dead I: The Devil Is Dead
Lloyd Biggle Jr.-Cultural Survey I: The World Menders
Thomas Burnett Swann-Minotaur II: The Forest of Forever
Suzette Haden Elgin-Coyote Jones II: Furthest

  Isaac Asimov-The Gods Themselves (Zeii Înșiși) Teora (1993)
Norman Spinrad-The Iron Dream (Visul de Fier) Nemira (1994)
John Brunner-The Sheep Look Up (Oile Privesc în Sus) Fahrenheit (1998)
Roger Zelazny-Amber II: The Guns of Avalon (Armele din Avalon) Tritonic (2006)
Robert Silverberg-Dying Inside
Robert Silverberg-The Book of Skulls
Poul Anderson-There Will Be Time
David Gerrold-When Harlie Was One
George Alec Effinger-What Entropy Means to Me
Clifford D. Simak-A Choice of Gods
James E. Gunn-The Listeners
Gene Wolfe-The Fifth Head of Cerberus
Gordon R. Dickson-The Pritcher Mass
Jack Vance-Durdane II: The Brave, Free Men
Harry Harrison-Tunnel Through the Deeps/A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!
Katherine Kurtz-Deryni II: Deryni Checkmate
Barry N. Malzberg-Beyond Apollo
Bob Shaw-Other Days, Other Eyes
David Gerrold-Yesterday’s Children I: Yesterday’s Children/Star Hunt
Andrew Jefferson V. Offutt-The Castle Keeps
Gordon Eklund-Beyond the Resurrection

  Winner Arthur C.Clarke-Rama I: RendezVous with Rama (Rendez-Vous cu Rama) Multistar (1991), Lucman (2002)
Larry Niven-Protector (Protector) Teora (1997)
David Gerrold-The Man Who Folded Himself
Poul Anderson-The People of the Wind
Robert Heinlein-Heinlein’s Future History VII: Time Enough for Love-The Lives of Lazarus Long
Thomas Pynchon-Gravity’s Rainbow
Jack Vance- Alastor I: Trullion-Alastor 2262
Gordon R. Dickson-The Far Call
Roger Zelazny-To Die in Italbar
Roger Zelazny-Today We Choose Faces
Edmund Cooper-The Cloud Walker
George Alec Effinger-Relatives
Barry N. Malzberg-Herovit’s World
Sterling E. Lanier-Hiero I: Hiero’s Journey
John Boyd-The Doomsday Gene

  Ursula K.LeGuin-Hainish V: The Dispossessed (Deposedații) Nemira (1995)
Christopher Priest-The Inverted World (Lumea Inversă) Nemira (2007)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle-Moties I: The Mote in God’s Eye (Lumea Pay:Contactul;Înfruntarea) Teora (1999)
Joe Haldeman-Forever War I: The Forever War (Războiul Etern) Pygmalion (1999)
Philip K.Dick-Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said
Poul Anderson-Fire Time
Poul Anderson-Holger Danske II: A Midsummer Tempest
Poul Anderson-Flandry XI: A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows/Knight Flandry
T.J.Bass-The Godwhale
D.G. Compton-Katherine Mortenhoe I: The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe/The Unsleeping Eye, Death Watch
James White-The Dream Millennium
Richard Cowper-The Twilight of Briareus
Edgar Pangborn-Post-Holocaust Stories III: The Company of Glory
Jack Vance-The Domains of Koryphon
Patricia Anne McKillip-The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Thomas Burnett Swann-How Are the Mighty Fallen
John Brunner-Total Eclipse
Barry N. Malzberg-The Destruction of the Temple
Tak Hallus-Star Gate
Doris Piserchia-Star Rider
Evangeline Walton-Mobinogi I: Prince of Annwn
Suzy McKee Charnas-Holdfast I: Walk to the End of the World
Alan Dean Foster-Icerigger I: Icerigger

  Joe Haldeman-Forever War I: The Forever War (Războiul Etern) Pygmalion (1999)
John Brunner-The Shockwave Rider (Călător pe Unda de Șoc) Domino (1997)
Robert Silverberg-The Stochastic Man (Omul Stocastic) Vremea (1997)
Roger Zelazny-Amber III: Sign of the Unicorn (Semnul Unicornului) Tritonic (2007)
Roger Zelazny-Doorways in the Sand
Alfred Bester-The Computer Connection/The Indian Giver
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle-Inferno I: Inferno
Katherine MacLean-The Missing Man
Marion Zimmer Bradley-Darkover IX: The Heritage of Hastur
Michael Bishop-A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire
Joanna Russ-The Female Man
Vonda N.McIntyre-The Exile Waiting
Tanith Lee- Birthgrave I: The Birthgrave
Samuel R.Delany-Dhalgren
Arthur C. Clarke-Imperial Earth
Cordwainer Smith-Norstrilia III: Norstrilia
Jack Vance-Big Planet II: Showboat World
Ray Nelson-Blake’s Progress
M.A. Foster-Ler I: The Warriors of Dawn
Gordon R. Dickson & Harry Harrison-The Lifeship/Lifeboat
Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson-Illuminatus!

  Kate Wilhelm-Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (Unde,Candva,Suave Păsări Cântătoare…) Pygmalion (1994)
Joe Haldeman-Mindbridge (Conexiunea Psi) Teora (1995)
Frederik Pohl-Man Plus (Proiectul Omul Plus) Pygmalion (2003)
Frank Herbert-Dune III: Children of Dune (Copiii Dunei) Nemira (2005)
Larry Niven-A World Out of Time (Lumea de Dincolo de Timp) Teora (1995)
Roger Zelanzy-Amber IV: The Hand of Oberon (Mâna lui Oberon) Tritonic (2007)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle-Inferno I: Inferno
Samuel R. Delany-Triton
Robert Silverberg-Shadrach in the Furnace
Arthur C. Clarke-Imperial Earth
Ben Bova-Kinsman II: Millennium
C.J. Cherryh-Hanan Rebellion I: Brothers of Earth
Marion Zimmer Bradley-Darkover X: The Shattered Chain
Jack Vance-Gaen Reach II: Maske-Thaery
Algis Budrys-Michaelmas
Kate Wilhelm-The Clewiston Test
Anne McCaffrey-Harper Hall I: Dragonsong
Gordon R. Dickson- Dragon and the George I: The Dragon and the George
Pamela Sargent-Cloned Lives
Michael Moorcock-Dancers at the End of the Time III: The End of All Songs
Cecelia Holland-Floating Worlds
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Time of the Fourth Horseman

  Frederik Pohl-Heechee I: Gateway (Poarta) Pygmalion (1996), Nemira (2008)
Gordon R.Dickson-Time Storm (Furtună de Timp) Nemira (1997)
Philip K. Dickson-A Scanner Darkly (Substanța M) Nemira (2007)
Frank Herbert-The Dosadi Experiment (Experimentul Dosadi) Baricada (1992)
Philip Jose Farmer-Riverworld III: The Dark Design (Lumea Fluviului III: Planul Misterios) Nemira (2006)
George Raymond Richard Martin-Dying of the Light
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle-Lucifer’s Hammer
Marion Zimmer Bradley-Darkover XI: The Forbidden Tower
Terry Gene Carr-Cirque
David Gerrold-Moonstar Odyssey
Gregory Benford-Galactic Center I: In the Ocean of Night
John Varley-Eight Worlds I: The Ophiuchi Hotline
Algis Budrys-Michaelmas
Anne McCaffrey- Harper Hall II: Dragonsinger
C.J. Cherryh-Hanan Rebellion II: Hunter of Worlds
Poul Anderson-Future History of Polesotechnic League V: Mirkheim
Clifford D. Simak-A Heritage of Stars
Jack L. Chalker- Well of Souls I: Midnight at the Well of Souls
James P. Hogan-Giants I: Inherit the Stars
Joe Haldeman-All My Sins Remembered
Ian Watson-The Martian Inca
Michael Bihop-Urban Nucleus I: A Little Knowledge
Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund-If the Stars Are Gods

  Vonda N.McIntyre-Dreamsnake
Roger Zelazny-Amber V: The Courts of Chaos (Curțile Haosului) Tritonic (2007)
Stephen King-The Stand (Apocalipsa) Nemira (2005)
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Saint-Germain I: Hotel Transylvania (Hotel Transilvania) Nemira (2005)
Ursula K. LeGuin-The Eye of the Heron (Ochiul Bâtlanului) Infotronic (1996)
Poul Anderson-Thr Avatar (Avatarul) Fahrenheit (1998)
Tom Reamy-Blind Voices
C.J.Cherryh-The Faded Star I: The Kesrith
C.J.Cherryh-The Faded Star II: The Shon’Jir
Anne McCaffrey-Dragonriders of Pern III: The White Dragon
James Tiptree Jr.-Up the Walls of the World
Ben Bova-Colony
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Paul Edwin Zimmer-Darkover XII: Stormqueen!
Gordon R. Dickson-The Far Call
Gardner Dozois-Strangers
Gregory Benford-Deeper Than the Darkness/The Stars in Shroud
Joan D. Vinge-Heaven Chronicles I: The Outcasts of Heaven’s Belt
Charles Sheffield-Proteus I: Sight of Proteus
Martha Randall-Journey
Michael Moorcock-Gloriana/Gloriana, or the Unfulfill’d Queen
Katherine Kurtz-Chamber of Chuldi II: Saint Chamber
Spider & Jeanne Robinson-Stardance I: Stardance
Marvin Kaye & Parke Godwin-Masters of Solitude I: The Masters of Solitude
Elizabeth Anne Lynn-A Different Light
Gore Vidal-Kalki

  John Varley-Gaea I: Titan
Arthur C.Clarke-The Fountains of Paradise (Fântânile Paradisului) Multistar (1993)
Len Deighton-SS-GB: Nazi-Occupied Britain 1941 (SS-GB) Multistar (1993)
Norman Spinrad-A World Between (Între Două Lumi) Fahrenheit (1996)
Larry Niven-Ringworld II: The Ringworld Engineers (Inginerii Lumii Inelare) Teora (1997)
Charles Sheffield-The Web Between the Worlds (Pânza dintre Lumi) Lucman (2006)
Thomas Michael Disch-On Wings of Song
Frederik Pohl-Jem
C.J. Cherryh-The Faded Sun III: The Kutath
Spider & Jeanne Robinson-Stardance I: Stardance
Richard Cowper-White Bird of Kinship I: The Road to Corlay
Anne McCaffrey-Harper Hall III: Dragondrums
John Crowley-Engine Summer
Jack Vance-Demon Princes IV: The Face
Kate Wilhelm-Juniper Time
Michael Bishop-Transfigurations
Michael Bishop-Urban Nucleus II: Catacomb Years
Roger Zelazny-Roadmarks
Ben Bova-Kinsman I: Kinsman
Kevin O’Donnell Jr.-Mayflies
J.G. Ballard-The Unlimited Dream Company
Orson Scott Card-A Planet Called Treason/Treason
James P. Hogan-The Two Faces of Tomorrow
M.A. Foster-Ler III: The Day of the Klesh
Jerry Purnelle-Janissaries I: Janissaries

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