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Locus Award-Fantasy Novel (Part IV) - Biblioteca lui Liviu

Locus Award-Fantasy Novel (Part IV)

Publicat pe De Liviu Szoke


Winner  George R.R. Martin-A Song of Ice and Fire III: A Storm of Swords (Cântec de Gheață și Foc III: Iureșul Săbiilor) Nemira (2008)

China Mieville-New Crobuzon I: Perdido Street Station (Noul Crobuzon I: Stația Pierzaniei) Tritonic (2005)

Mary Gentle-Book of Ash I: A Secret History (Cartea lui Ash I: O Istorie Secretă) Tritonic (2008)

J.K. Rowling-Harry Potter IV: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter și Pocalul de Foc) Egmont (2007)

Philip Pullman-Northern Lights III: The Amber Spyglass

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXV: The Truth

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time IX: Winter’s Heart

Tim Powers-Declare

Sean Stewart-Galveston

Guy Gavriel Kay-Sarantine Mosaic II: Lord of Emperors

Charles De Lint-Forests of the Heart

C.J. Cherryh-Tristan IV: Fortress of Dragons

Patricia A. McKillip-The Tower at Stony Wood

John Crowley-Aegypt III: Daemonomania

Laurell K. Hamilton-Meredith Gentry I: A Kiss of Shadows

Tanith Lee-White as Snow

Elizabeth Haydon-Symphony of Ages II: Prophecy-Child of Earth

Robin Hobb-Liveship Traders I: Ship of Magic

P.D. Cacek-Canyons

Katherine Kurtz-King Kelson IV: King Kelson’s Bride

J. Gregory Keyes-Age of Unreason III: Empire of Unreason

Robin McKinley-Folktales III: Spindle’s End

Diana Wynne Jones-Derkholm II: Year of the Griffin

Barbara Hambly-Winterlands III: The Knight of the Demon Queen

Thomas Harlan-The Gate of Fire

Paula Volsky-The Grand Ellipse


Winner  Neil Gaiman-American Gods (Zei Americani) Tritonic (2006)

Lois McMaster Bujold-Curse of Chalion I: The Curse of Chalion (Blestemul Chalionului) Tritonic (2007)

Stephen King & Peter Straub-Talisman II: Black House (Casa Întunericului) Nemira (2007)

Garth Nix-Old Kingdom II: Lirael-Daughter of the Clayr (Vechiul Regat II: Lirael) Rao (2009)

Charlaine Harris-Sookie Stackhouse I: Dead Until Dark (Vampirii Sudului I: Morți Până la Apus) Leda (2007)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXVI: Thief of Time

Ursula K. LeGuin-Earthsea V: The Other Wind

Jonathan Carroll-The Wooden Sea

Charles De Lint-The Onion Girl

Ray Bradbury-From the Dust Returned: A Family Remembrance

Tad Williams-Otherland V: Sea of Silver Light

Robin Hobb-Tawny Man I: Fool’s Errand

Michael Moorcock-Elric Saga XIII: The Dreamthief’s Daughter

Graham Joyce-Smoking Poppy

Poul Anderson-Mother of Kings

Clive Barker-Coldheart Canyon

Nina Kiriki Hoffman-Red Heart of Memories II: Past the Size of Dreaming

Jeffrey Ford-Clay III: The Beyond

Jacqueline Carey-Kushiel’s Dart

Gwyneth Jones-Bold as Love I: Bold as Love

Jeffrey E. Barlough-The House in the High Woold

J. Gregory Keyes-Age of Unreason IV: The Shadows of God

Sean Russell-Swan’s War I: The One Kingdom

Jack Cady-The Haunting of Hood Canal

Gregory Maguire-Lost


Winner  China Mieville-New Crobuzon II: The Scar (Noul Crobuzon II: Cicatricea) Tritonic (2006)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXVII: Night Watch

Dan Simmons-Summer of Night II: A Winter Haunting

Jonathan Carroll-White Apples

Jacqueline Carey-Kushiel’s Chosen

Jasper Fforde-Thursday Next II: Lost in a Good Book

Patricia A. McKillip-Ombria in Shadow

Jeffrey Ford-The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque

Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman-The Fall of the Kings

Nina Kiriki Hoffman-A Fistful of Sky

Lisa Goldstein-The Alchemist’s Door

Sean McMullen-Moonworlds I: Voyage of the Shadowmoon

Graham Joyce-The Facts of Life

Robert Holdstock-Merlin Codex I: The Iron Grail

Sean Russell-Swan’s War II: The Isle of Battle

Tanith Lee-Secret Books of Venus III: A Bed of Earth

Cecilia Dart-Thornton-The Lady of the Sorrows

Gwyneth Jones-Bold as Love II: Castles Made of Sand


Winner  Lois McMaster Bujold-Curse of Chalion II: Paladin of Souls (Paladinul Sufletelor) Tritonic (2008)

Peter Straub-lost boy lost girl (Copiii Pierduți) Tritonic (2009)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXVIII: Monstrous Regiment

Stephen King-The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

Ian R. MacLeod-The Light Ages

Mary Gentle-1610: A Sundial in a Grave

Tad Williams-The War of the Flowers

Greg Keyes (J. Gregory Keyes)-Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone I: The Briar King

Robin Hobb-Tawny Man III: Fool’s Fate

Nalo Hopkinson-The Salt Roads

Orson Scott Card-Alvin Maker VI: The Crystal City

Michael Moorcock-Eternal Champion V: The Skrayling Tree-The Albino in America

Kage Baker-Anvil of the World I: The Anvil of the World

Patricia A. McKillip-In the Forests of Serre

Robin McKinley-Sunshine

Gwyneth Jones-Bold as Love III: Midnight Lamp

Tanith Lee-Mortal Suns

Stewart O’Nan-The Night Country


Winner  China Mieville-New Crobuzon III: Iron Council (Noul Crobuzon III: Consiliul de Fier) Tritonic (2006)

Susanna Clarke-Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) Rao (2007)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXIX: Going Postal

Stephen King-The Dark Tower VI+VII: Song of Susannah+The Dark Tower

Gene Wolfe-The Wizard Knight (The Wizard+The Knight)

Charles Stross-Merchant Princes I: The Family Trade

Patricia A. McKillip-Alphabet of Thorn

Guy Gavriel Kay-The Last Light of the Sun

Sean Stewart-Perfect Circle/Firecracker

Elizabeth Hand-Mortal Love

Peter Straub-In the Night Room

Lucius Shepard-A Handbook of American Prayer

Greg Keyes-Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone II: The Charnel Prince

Greg Bear-Dead Lines

Tad Williams-Shadowmarch I: Shadowmarch

Sean McMullen-Moonworlds II: Glass Dragons

Alexander C. Irvine-One King, One Soldier

John C. Wright-Everness I: The Last Guardian of Everness

Elizabeth A. Lynn-Dragon’s Treasure

Caitlin A. Kiernan-Murder of Angels

Cecelia Holland-The Witches’ Kitchen

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