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Locus Award-SF Novel Part III - Biblioteca lui Liviu


Winner  Dan Simmons-Hyperion II: The Fall of Hyperion (Căderea lui Hyperion)  Nemira (2009)

Robert A. Heinlein-Stranger in a Strangle Land (Străin în Țară Străină) Vremea (1999)

William Gibson & Bruce Sterling-The Difference Engine (Machina Diferențială) Nemira (1997)

Michael Crichton-Jurassic Park (Jurasic Parc) Elit Comentator (1993)

Arthur C. Clarke-The Ghost from the Grand Banks (Fantoma Adâncurilor) Valdo (1992)

David Brin-Earth

Greg Bear-Queen of Angels

Lois McMaster Bujold-Miles Vorkosigan VI: The Vor Game

Terry Bisson-Voyage to the Red Planet

Michael P.Kube-McDowell-The Quiet Pools

Roger MacBride Allen-Hunted Earth I: The Ring of Charon

Anne McCaffrey-Pegasus II: Pegasus in Flight

Anne McCaffrey-Tower and Hive I: The Rowan

Sheri S. Tepper-Raising the Stones

Kim Stanley Robinson-Three Californias III: Pacific Edge

Joe Haldeman-The Hemingway Hoax

John E. Stith-Redshift Rendezvous

Katharine Kerr & Kate Daniel-Polar City I: Polar City

Charles Sheffield-Heritage I: Summertide

Frederik Pohl-The World at the End of Time

Allen Steele-Near-Space II: Clarke County, Space

Rudy Rucker-The Hollow Earth

Michael Flynn-In the Country of the Blind

Robert Charles Wilson-The Divide

Michael Armstrong-Agviq: The Whale

Jack Womack-Ambient III: Heathern


Winner  Lois McMaster Bujold-Cordelia Naismith II: Barrayar

Orson Scott Card-Ender Wiggin III: Xenocide (Saga Lui Ender III: Xenocid) Nemira (1995, 2005)

Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee-Rama III: The Garden of Rama (Grădina din Rama) Lucman (2007)

Norman Spinrad-Russian Spring (Primăvara Rusească) Z (1996)

William Gibson & Bruce Sterling-The Difference Engine (Machina Diferențială) Nemira (1997)

Emma Bull-Bone Dance

Joan D. Vinge-Snow Queen III: The Summer Queen

Anne McCaffrey-Renegades of Pern IV: All the Weyrs of Pern

Michael Swanwick-Stations of the Tide

C.J. Cherryh-Company Wars IV: Heavy Time

Frank M. Robinson-The Dark Beyond the Stars

Pat Cadigan-Synners

George Turner-Brain Child

Jack Vance-Cadwal Chronicles II: Ecce and Old Earth

Elaeanor Arnason-A Woman of the Iron People (In the Light of Sigma Draconis+Changing Woman)

Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason-The Trinity Paradox

Kate Wilhelm-Barbara Holloway I: Death Qualified-A Mytstery of Chaos

Rebecca Ore-The Illegal Rebirth of Billy The Kid

Judith Moffett-Holy Round Trilogy I: The Ragged World

Alexander Jablokov-Carve th Sky

Paul J. McAuley-Four Hundred Billion Stars III: Eternal Light

Bradley Denton-Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede


Winner  Connie Willis-Doomsday Book (Doomsday Book) Pygmalion (2002)

Kim Stanley Robinson-Mars I: Red Mars (Marte Roșu) Nemira (1994, 2006)

Vernor Vinge-Queng Ho II: A Fire Upon the Deep (Foc în Adânc) Nemira (2008)

Orson Scott Card-Homecoming I: The Memory of Earth (Întoarcerea Acasă I: Amintirea Pământului) Nemira (2009)

Ian McDonald-Hearts, Hands and Voices/The Broken Land (Inimi, Mâini, Glasuri) Pygmalion (1995)

Dan Simmons-The Hollow Man

John Varley-Eight Worlds IV: Steel Beach

Greg Bear-Forge of God II: Anvil of Stars

C.J. Cherryh-Compact Space V: Chanur’s Legacy

C.J. Cherryh-Company Wars V: Hellburner

Ben Bova-Mars I: Mars

Neal Stephenson-Snow Crash

Joe Haldeman-Worlds III: Worlds Enough and Time

Anne McCaffrey-Crystal Singer III: Crystal Line

Michael Bishop-Count Geiger’s Blues

Sheri S. Tepper-Sideshow

Walter Jon Williams-Aristoi

Allen Steele-Near-Space IV: The Labyrinth of Night

Frederik Pohl-Mining the Oorth

James P. Blaylock-Langdon St. Ives II: Lord Kelvin’s Machine

John Barnes- Million Open Doors I: A Million Open Doors

Kate Elliott-Jaran I: Jaran

Laura J. Mixon-Glass Houses

Maureen F. McHugh-China Mountain Zhang

Alexnader Jablokov-A Deeper Sea

Megan Lindholm-Alien Earth

Elizabeth Hand-Winterlong II: Aestival Tide


Winner  Kim Stanley Robinson-Green Mars (Marte Verde)  Nemira (1996, 2006)

William Gibson-Bridge I: Virtual Light (Lumină Virtuală)  Nemira (1995)

Gene Wolfe-Urth: Book of the Long Sun I: Nightside the Long Sun (De Partea Întunecată a Soarelui Lung) Alexandria (2008)

Arthur C. Clarke-The Hammer of God (Mânia lui Dumnezeu) Elit (1994)

Greg Bear-Moving Mars

Nancy Kress-Sleepless I: Beggars in Spain

David Brin-Glory Season

Algis Budrys-Hard Landing

Orson Scott Card-Homecoming II: The Call of Earth

Sheri S. Tepper-Plague of Angels I: A Plague of Angels

Poul Anderson-Harvest of Stars I: Harvest of Stars

Iain M. Banks-Against a Dark Background

Eleanor Arnason-Ring of Swords

Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough-Petaybee I: Powers That Be

David Zindell-A Requiem for Homo Sapiens I: The Broken God

John M. Ford-Growing Up Weightless

Patrica Anthony-Brother Termite

Charles Sheffield-Godspeed

Jack Womack-Ambient IV: Elvissey

Michaela Roessner-Vanishing Point

Mary Rosenblum-Chimera

Paul J. McAuley-Red Dust

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle-Moties II: The Gripping Hand/The Moat Around Murcheson’s Eye

Stephen Baxter-Xeelee II: Timelike Infinity

Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason-Assemblers of Infinity


Winner  Lois McMaster Bujold-Miles Vorkosigan VII: Mirror Dance (Dans în Oglindă)  Nemira (1997)

John Barnes-Mother of Storms (Uraganele)  Nemira (1999)

Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee-Rama IV: Rama Revelead (Bătălie pe Rama) Lucman (2007)

Gene Wolfe-Urth: Book of the Long Sun III: Calde of the Long Sun (Calde a Soarelui Lung) Alexandria (2010)

Ian McDonald-Necroville/Terminal Cafe (Necroville) Pygmalion (1995)

Octavia E. Butler-Parable I: Parable of the Sower

C.J. Cherryh-Foreigner 1 I: Foreigner

C.J. Cherryh-Company Wars VI: Tripoint

Nancy Kress-Sleepless II: Beggars and Choosers

Bruce Sterling-Heavy Weather

Harry Turtledove-Worldwar I: In the Balance

Anne McCaffrey-Renegades of Pern V: The Dolphins of Pern

Jack McDevitt- Engines of God I: The Engines of God

Gregory Benford-Galactic Center V: Furious Gulf

Poul Anderson-Harvest of Stars II: The Stars Are Also Fire

Sheri S. Tepper-Shadow’s End

Lisa Mason-Summer of Love

Frederik Pohl-The Voices of Heaven

Iain M. Banks-Feersum Endjinn

Maureen F. McHugh-Half the Day Is Night

Stephen Baxter-Xeelee IV: Ring

Greg Egan-Subjective Cosmology Cycle II: Permutation City

George Turner-Genetic Soldier

Kevin J. Anderson-Climbing Olympus

Jack Womack-Ambient V: Random Acts of Senseless Violence

James Patrick Kelly-Wildlife

Robert J. Sawyer-End of an Era

A.A. Attanasio-Solis

Paul J. McAuley-Pasquale’s Angel

Robert Charles Wilson-Mysterium

Allen Steele-The Jericho Iteration


Winner  Neal Stephenson-The Diamond Age (Era de Diamant)  Image (1999)

Stephen Baxter-The Time Ships (Corăbiile Timpului)  Nemira (2000)

Nicola Griffith-Slow River (Râul Liniștit) Millennium Press (2005)

Robert James Sawyer-The Terminal Experiment (Alegerea lui Hobson)  Nemira (2008)

David Brin-Brightness Reef

C.J. Cherryh-Foreigner 1 II: Invader

Greg Bear-Eon III: Legacy

Gregory Benford-Galactic Center VI: Sailing Bright Infinity

Ian McDonald-Evolution’s Shore/Chaga

Walter Jon Williams-Metropolitan

Harry Turtledove-Worldwar II: Tilting the Balance

Jonathan Lethem-Amnesia Moon

John Barnes-Century Next Door II: Kaleidoscope Century

Paul J. McAuley-Fairyland

Charles Sheffield-Cold as Ice II: The Ganymede Club

Charles R. Pellegrino & George Zebrowski-The Killing Star

Rebecca Ore-Gaia’s Toys

Mary Rosenblum-The Stone Garden

Valerie J. Freireich-Harmony of Worlds I: Testament

Lisa Mason-The golden Nineties

Melissa Scott-The Shadow Man

Robert Reed-An Exaltation of Larks


Winner  Kim Stanley Robinson-Blue Mars (Marte Albastru)  Nemira (1998,2006)

Larry Niven-Ringworld III: The Ringworld Throne (Tronul Lumii Inelare) Teora (1998)

Greg Egan- Subjective Cosmology Cycle III: Distress (Distres) Teora (1997)

Orson Scott Card-Ender Wiggin IV: Children of the Mind (Saga Lui Ender IV: Copiii Minții) Nemira (2006)

Dan Simmons-Hyperion III: Endymion

Lois McMaster Bujold-Miles Vorkosigan VIII: Cetaganda

Lois McMaster Bujold-Miles Vorkosigan IX: Memory

Bruce Sterling-Holy Fire

William Gibson-Bridge II: Idoru

C.J. Cherryh-Foreigner 1 III: Inheritor

Jack Vance-Night Lamp

Paul J. McAuley-Fairyland

Gene Wofe-Urth: Book of the Long Sun IV: Exodus from the Long Sun

Stephen Baxter-Voyage

Nancy Kress-Sleepless III: Beggars Ride

Nancy Kress-Oaths and Miracles

Iain M. Banks-Culture V: Excession

Tad Williams-Otherland I: City of the Golden Shadow

Joan D. Vinge-Cat III: Dreamfall

Elizabeth Moon-Remnant Population

Terry Bisson-Pirates of the Universe

Alexander Jablokov-River of Dust

Melissa Scott-Night Sky Mine

Frederik Pohl-Eschaton I: The Other End of Time

Sheri S. Tepper-Gibbon’s Decline and Fall

Allen Steele-The Tranquillity Alternative


Winner  Dan Simmons-The Rise of Endymion

Joe Haldeman-Forever War II: Forever Peace (Pace Eternă)  Teora (1999)

Arthur C. Clarke-Space Odyssey IV: 3001-The Final Odyssey (3001: Odiseea Finală) Image (1999)

Peter F. Hamilton-Night’s Dawn I: The Reality Dysfunction (Trilogia Zorii Nopții I: Disfuncția Realității) Nemira (2009)

Amitav Ghosh-The Calcutta Chromosome (Cromozomul Calcutta) Taj Books (2008)

Kim Stanley Robinson-Antarctica

Walter M. Miller Jr. & Terry Bisson-Saint Leibowitz II: Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

C.J. Cherryh-Company Wars VII: Finity’s End

Greg Bear-/ Slant

Greg Egan-Diaspora

Sarah Zettel-Fool’s War

Stephen Baxter-Titan

Patricia Anthony-God’s Fires

John Kessel-Corrupting Mr. Nice

Larry Niven-Destiny’s Road

Jack McDevitt-Eternity Road

Jack Williamson-The Black Sun

Sheri S. Tepper-The Family Tree

Elizabeth Hand-Glimmering

Paul Preuss-Secret Passages

Poul Anderson-Harvest of Stars IV: The Fleet of Stars

Kathleen Ann Goonan-Nanotech Cycle II: Mississippi Blues

Melissa Scott-Dreaming Metal

Charles Sheffield-Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Molly Gloss-The Dazzle of Day

Elizabeth Moon-Serrano Legacy IV: Once a Hero

John Cramer-Einstein’s Bridge

Linda Nagata-Deception Well

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  1. Sa ne traiasca Tusha Vero ca tare bucurie ni facu la inima! Pupici si imbratisari Tushica!
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    Inima noastra este in mare sarbatoare,Tushica te iubim! 😀

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