Locus Award-Fantasy Novel (Part V)


Winner  China Mieville-New Crobuzon III: Iron Council (Noul Crobuzon III: Consiliul de Fier) Tritonic (2006)

Susanna Clarke-Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) Rao (2007)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXIX: Going Postal

Stephen King-The Dark Tower VI+VII: Song of Susannah+The Dark Tower

Gene Wolfe-The Wizard Knight (The Wizard+The Knight)

Charles Stross-Merchant Princes I: The Family Trade

Patricia A. McKillip-Alphabet of Thorn

Guy Gavriel Kay-The Last Light of the Sun

Sean Stewart-Perfect Circle/Firecracker

Elizabeth Hand-Mortal Love

Peter Straub-In the Night Room

Lucius Shepard-A Handbook of American Prayer

Greg Keyes-Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone II: The Charnel Prince

Greg Bear-Dead Lines

Tad Williams-Shadowmarch I: Shadowmarch

Sean McMullen-Moonworlds II: Glass Dragons

Alexander C. Irvine-One King, One Soldier

John C. Wright-Everness I: The Last Guardian of Everness

Elizabeth A. Lynn-Dragon’s Treasure

Caitlin A. Kiernan-Murder of Angels

Cecelia Holland-The Witches’ Kitchen


Winner  Neil Gaiman-Anansi Boys (Băieții lui Anansi) Tritonic (2007)

George R.R. Martin-A Song of Ice and Fire IV: A Feast for Crows (Cântec de Gheață și Foc IV: Festinul Ciorilor) Nemira (2009)

Lois McMaster Bujold-Curse of Chalion III: The Hallowed Hunt (Vânătoarea Sfântă) Tritonic (2010)

Cory Doctorow-Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXX: Thud!

Charles Stross-Merchant Princess II: The Hidden Family

Paul Park-Roumania I: A Princess of Roumania

John Crowley-Lord Byron’s Novel: The Evening Land

Octavia E. Butler-Fledgling

Robin Hobb-Soldier Son I: Shaman’s Crossing

Patricia A. McKillip-Old Magic

Jonathan Carroll-Glass Soup

Ian R. MacLeod-The House of Storms

Graham Joyce-The Limits of Enchantment

Liz Williams-Detective Inspector Chen I: Snake Agent

Alexander C. Irvine-The Narrows

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time XI: Knife of Dreams

John C. Wright-Chronicles of Chaos I: Orphans of Chaos


Winner  Ellen Kushner-Swords of Riverside II: The Privilege of the Sword

Stehphen King-Lisey’s Story (Povestea lui Lisey) Nemira (2007)

R. Scott Baker-Prince of Nothing III: The Thounsadfold Thought (Prințul Nimicului III: Gândul cu O Mie de Fețe) Tritonic (2010)

Naomi Novik-Temeraire: His Majesty’s Dragon+Throne of Jade+Black Powder War (Temeraire I: Dragonul Maiestății Sale+Tronul de Jad) Nemira (2010)

Charles Stross-Laundry Files II: The Jennifer Morgue

Gene Wolfe-Soldier of the Mist III: Soldier of Sidon

Tim Powers-Three Days to Never

James Morrow-The Last Witchfinder

Jeff  Vandermeer-Shriek: An Afterwood

Patricia A. McKillip-Solstice Wood

Robin Hobb-Soldier Son II: Forest Mage

Michael Moorcock-Between the Wars IV: The Vengeance of Rome

Paul Park-Roumania II: The Tourmaline

Kevin Brockmeier-The Brief History of the Dead

Greg Keyes/J. Gregory Keyes-Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone III: The Blood Knight

Jay Lake-Trial of Flowers

Liz Williams-Detective Inspector Chen II: The Demon and the City

Sarah Monette-Doctrine of Labyrinths II: The Virtu

John C. Wright-Orphans of Chaos II: Fugitives of Chaos

Mary Gentle-Ilario I: The Lion’s Eye

Matthew Hughes-Archonate IV: Majestrum

Scott Lynch-Gentleman Bastard I: The Lies of Locke Lamora


Winner  Terry Pratchett-Discworld XXXI: Making Money

Guy Gavriel Kay-Ysabel

Gene Wolfe-Pirate Freedom

Emma Bull-Territory

John Crowley-Aegypt IV: Endless Things

Paul Park-Roumania III: The White Tyger

Lucius Shepard-Softspoken

Hal Duncan-Ink

Catherynne M. Valente-Orphan’s Tales II: In the Cities of Coin and Spice

Elizabeth Bear-Promethean Age II: Whiskey and Water

Nalo Hopkinson-The New Moon’s Arms

Daniel Abraham-Long Price Quartet II: A Betrayal in Winter

Ekaterina Sedia-The Secret History of Moscow

John C. Wright-Orphans of Chaos III: Titans of Chaos

Caitlin R. Kiernan-Daughter of Hounds

Matthew Hughes-Tales of Henghis Hapthorn I: The Spiral Labyrinth

Patrick Rothfuss-King Killer Chronicle I: The Name of the Wind

T.A. Pratt-Marla Mason I: Blood Engines

John Meaney-Donal Connor I: Bone Song


Winner  Ursula K. LeGuin-Lavinia

Salman Rushdie-The Enchantress of Florence (Seducătoarea din Florența) Polirom (2009)

Michael Swanwick-The Dragons of Babel

Gene Wolfe-An Evil Guest

Jeffrey Ford-The Shadow Year

Patricia A. McKillip-The Bell at Sealey Head

Daniel Abraham-Long Price Quartet III: An Autumn War

James P. Blaylock-The Knights of Cornerstone

Paul Park-Roumania IV: The Hidden World

Gregory Frost-Shadowbridge: Shadowbridge+Lord Tophet

Ekaterina Sedia-The Alchemy of Stone

Jonathan Carroll-The Ghost in Love

Christopher Barzak-The Love We Share Without Knowing

William Heaney/Graham Joyce-Memoirs of Master Forger/How to Make Friends with Demons

Holly Phillips-The Engine’s Child

Cecelia Holland-Soul Thief IV: Varanger

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