Locus Award-Fantasy Novel (Part II)


Winner  Ursula K. Leguin-Earthsea IV: Tehanu-The Last Book of Earthsea

Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett-Good Omens (Semne Bune) Tritonic (2008)

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time I: The Eye of the World (Roata Timpului I: Ochiul Lumii) Rao (2006)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld X: Moving Pictures (Lumea Disc X: Imagini Mișcătoare) Rao (2009)

Guy Gavriel Kay-Tigana

James Morrow-Only Begotten Daughter

Ellen Kushner-Thomas the Rhymer

Tanith Lee-The Blood of Roses

Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts-Riftwar: The World On the Other Side II: Servant of the Empire

Charles De Lint-Jack of Kinrowan I: Drink Down the Moon

Charles De Lint-Moonheart IV: Ghostwood

Mary Gentle-Rat Lord I: Rats and Gargoyles

Patricia C. Wrede-Enchanted Forest I: Dragonsbane/Dealing with Dragons

Alan Brennert-Time and Chance

Michael Kandel-In Between Dragons

Gael Baudino-Strands of Starlight II: Gossamer Axe

Michael Scott Rohan-Spiral I: Chase the Morning

Gene Wolfe-Castleview


Winner  Sheri S. Tepper-Beauty

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XII: Witches Abroad

Charles De Lint-The Little Country

Barry Hughart-Master Li III: Eight Skilled Gentlemen

Ian McDonald-King of Morning, Queen of Day

Barbara Hambly-Sun-Cross I: The Rainbow Abyss

Neal Barrett Jr.-The Hereafter Gang

S.P. Somtow (Somtow Sucharitkul)-Riverrun I: Riverrun

Jonathan Carroll-Outside the Dog Museum

R.A. MacAvoy-Lens of the World II: King of the Dead

Elizabeth Ann Scarbourough-Nothing Sacred

Patricia A. McKillip-Cygnet I: The Sorceress and the Cygnet

Michael Moorcock-Elric Saga XI: The Revenge of the Rose

Megan Lindholm-Cloven Hooves

James P. Blaylock-The Magic Spectacles

Tom De Haven-Chronicles of the King’s Tramp II: The End of Everything Man

Tom Holt-Flying Dutch

Will Shetterly-Borderlands I: Elsewhere

Kristine Kathryn Rusch-The White Mists of Pwer

Mary Gentle-Rat Lords II: The Architecture of Desire

Paula Volsky-Illusion


Winner  Tim Powers-Last Call I: Last Call

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time IV: The Shadow Rising (Roata Timpului IV: Umbra Se Întinde) Rao (2009)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld XIII: Small Gods

Lois McMaster Bujold-The Spirit Ring

Jane Yolen-Briar Rose

Guy Gavriel Kay-A Song for Arbonne

Geoff Ryman-Was

Mercedes Lackey-Valdemar: Mage Winds II: Winds of Change

Barbara Hambly-Sun-Cross II: The Magicians of Night/Magicians of the Night

David Eddings-Tamuli I: Domes of Fire

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough-Last Refuge

Dave Duncan-Handful of Men I: The Cutting Edge

Diana Wynne Jones-A Sudden Wild Magic

Steven Brust & Megan Lindholm-The Gypsy

S.P. Somtow-Forests of the Night

Susan Palwick-Flying in Place


Winner  Peter S. Beagle-The Inkeeper’s Song

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time V: The Fires of Heaven

Michael Swanwick-The Iron Dragon’s Daughter

Tad Williams-Memory, Sorrow and Thorn III: To Green Angel Tower

Nina Kiriki Hoffman-The Thread That Binds the Bones

Lisa Goldstein-Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon

Robin McKinley-Deerskin

Barbara Hambly-Windrose III: Dog Wizard

Judith Tarr-Lord of the Two Lands

Robert Holdstock-Mythago Wood IV: The Hollowing

C.J. Cherryh-Faery in Shadow

Delia Sherman-Tjhe Porcelain Dove

R.A. MacAvoy-Lens of the World III: Winter of the Wolf/The Belly of the Wolf

Allan Cole & Chris Bunch-Anteros I: The Far Kingdoms

Patricia A. McKillip-Cygnet II: The Cygnet and the Firebird

S.P. Somtow-The Wizard’s Apprentice

Holly Lisle-Faia II: Bones of the Past

Melanie Rawn-Dragonstar III: Skybowl

Mercedes Lackey-Bardic Voices II: The Robin and the Kestrel


Winner  Michael Bishop-Brittle Innings

Marion Zimmer Bradley & Diana L. Paxson-Avalon II: The Forest House/The Forests of Avalon (Avalon II: Sanctuarul) Nemira (2007)

Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time VI: Lord of Chaos

James Morrow-Godhead I: Towing Jehovah

Emma Bull-Finder: A Novel of the Borderlands

Charles De Lint-Newford I: Memory and Dream

John Crowley-Aegypt II: Love and Sleep

Steven Brust-Khaavren Romances II: Five Hundred Years After

Mercedes Lackey-Valdemar: Mage Storms I: Storm Warning

Nancy Springer-Larque on the Wing

Lisa Goldstein-Summer King, Winter Fool

Robert Holdstock-Mythago Wood V: Merlin’s Wood

Caroline Stevermer-College of Magics I: A College of Magics

Allan Cole & Chris Bunch-Anteros II: The Warrior’s Tale

Rebecca Ore-Slow Funeral

Raymond E. Feist-Riftwar: Serpentwar I: Shadow of a Dark Queen

Rachel Pollack-Unquenchable Fire II: Temporary Agency

Stephan Grundy-Rhinegold

Pamela Dean-The Dubious Hills

Melanie Rawn-Exiles I: The Ruins of Ambrai

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