Locus Award-Fantasy Novel (Part I)


Winner  J.R.R. Tolkien-The Silmarillion (Silmarillion) Rao (2006)

Stephen Reeder Donaldson-Thomas Covenant (Lord Foul’s Bane+The Illearth War+The Power That Preserves) (Cronicile lui Thomas Covenant Necredinciosul I: Blestemul Nobilului Foul) Nemira (2009)

Stephen King-The Shining (Shining) Nemira (2003, 2008)

Terry Brooks-Shannara I: The Sword of Shannara (Sabia Shannara) Minerva (2007)

Fritz Leiber-Our Lady of Darkness

Richard A. Lupoff-Sword of the Demon

Patricia A. McKillip-Quest of the Riddle-Master II: Heir of Sea and Fire

Terence Hanbury White-Once and Future King V: The Book of Merlyn-The Unpublished Conclusion to The Once and Future King

Piers Anthony-Xanth I: A Spell for Chameleon

Joy Chant-House of Kendreth II: The Grey Mane of Morning

Thomas Burnett Swann-Minotaur III: Cry Silver Bells

Thomas Burnett Swann-Queens Walk in the Dusk

Andre Norton-Witch World: Eastcarp Cycle VI: Trey of Swords

Susan Cooper-Dark Is Rising V: Silver on the Tree


No Award


Winner  Patricia A. McKillip-Quest of the Riddle-Master III: Harpist in the Wind

Stephen King-The Dead Zone (Zona Moartă) Aquila ’93 (2004)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Saint-Germain II: The Palace (Contele de Sain-Germain II: Palatul) Nemira (2009)

Samuel R. Delany-Neveryon I: Tales of Neveryon

Piers Anthony-Xanth III: Castle Roogna

Poul Anderson-The Merman’s Children

C.J. Cherryh-Morgaine III: Fires of Azeroth

Elizabeth Anne Lynn-Tornor II: The Dancers of Arun

Octavia E. Butler-Kindred

Lynn Abbey-Rifkind I: Daughter of the Bright Moon

Diane Duane-Tale of the Five I: The Door into Fire

Phyllis Eisenstein-Book of Elementals I: Sorceres’s Son

Tim Powers-The Drawing of the Dark


Winner  Robert Silverberg-Lord Valentine I: Lord Valentine’s Castle

Gene Wolfe-Urth: Book of the New Sun I: The Shadow of the Torturer (Cartea Soarelui Nou I: Umbra Torționarului) Leda (2009)

M. John Harrison-Viricomium II: A Storm of Wings (Viriconium) Tritonic (2006)

Stepehen R. Donaldson-Second Chornicles of Thomas Covenant I: The Wounded Land

Roger Zelazny-Changeling Saga I: Changeling

Elizabeth A. Lynn-Tornor III: The Northern Girl

Piers Anthony-Apprentice Adept I: Split Infinity

Ursula K. LeGuin-The Beginning Place

Suzy McKee Charnas-The Vampire Tapestry

Peter Straub-Shadowland

Stephen King-The Mist

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Ariosto: Ariosto Furioso, A Romance for an Alternative Renaissance

Tanith Lee-Blood Stone I: Kill the Dead

Tanith Lee-Blood Stone II: Sabella

Frederick Thomas Saberhagen-Vlad Tepes IV: Thorn

Manly Wade Wellman-John the Balladeer II: After Dark

Robert Stallman-Beast I: The Orphan

William Horwood-Book of Silence I: Duncton Wood

Glen Cook-Dread Empire III: All Darkness Meet

Parke Godwin-Firelord I: Firelord

Basil Cooper-Necropolis

Lyndon Hardy-Magics I: Master of the Five Magics


Winner  Gene Wolfe-Urth: Book of the New Sun II: The Claw of the Conciliator (Cartea Soarelui Nou II: Gheara Conciliatorului) Leda (2009)

John Crowley-Little, Big

Roger Zelazny-The Changing Land

Roger Zelazny-Changelling Saga II: Madwand

Michael Moorcock-Von Bek Family I: The Warhound and the World’s Pain

Robert Stallman-Beast II: The Captive

Katherine Kurtz-Camber of Culdi III: Camber the Heretic

Francis Paul Wilson-Adversary Cycle I: The Keep

Andre Norton- Witch World: High Halleck Cycle VI: Gryphon in Glory

Andre Norton-Witch World: High Halleck Cycle VII: Horn Crown

Kate Wilhelm-A Sense of Shadow

Tanith Lee-Lycanthia/The Children of Wolves

Tanith Lee-Flat Earth III: Delusion’s Master

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Saint-Germain IV: Path of the Eclipse

Avram Davidson-Pregrine I: Peregrine-Secundus

Gillian Bradshaw-Down the Long Wind II: Kingdom of Summer

Linda Haldeman-Esbae: A Winter’s Tale

Patricia Wrightson-Wirrun III: Journey Behind the Wind

Nancy Springer-Book of the Isle III: The Sable Moon

Mildred Downey Broxon-Too Long a Sacrifice

Stpehen King-Cujo

Piers Anthony-Apprentice Adept II: Blue Adept


Winner  Gene Wolfe-Urth: Book of the New Sun III: The Sword of Lictor (Cartea Soarelui Nou III) Leda (2010)

M. John Harrison-Viriconium III: In Viriconium/The Floating Gods (Viriconium) Tritonic (2006)

Gene Wolfe- Urth: Book of the New Sun IV: The Citadel of the Autarch

George R.R. Martin-Fevre Dream

Stpehen R. Donaldson-Second Chornicles of Thomas Covenant II: The One Tree

Philip K. Dick-Valis III: The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

Piers Anthony-Xanth IV: Centaur Aisle

Piers Anthony-Xanth V: Ogre, Ogre

Piers Anthony-Apprentice Adept III: Juxtaposition

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro-Saint-Germain V: Tempting Fate

Kate Wilhelm-Oh, Susannah!

David Eddings-Belgariad I: Pawn of Prophecy

Terry Brooks-Shannara II: The Elfstones of Shannara

Nancy Springer-Book of the Isle IV: The Black Beast

Glen Cook-The Swordbearer

Gillian Bradshaw-Down the Long Wind III: In Winter’s Shadow

Michael Talbot-Delicate Dependency: A Novel of Vampire Life

Robin McKinley-Damar I: The Blue Sword

Charles L. Grant-Oxrun Station V: Bloodwind


Winner  Marion Zimmer Bradley-Avalon I: The Mists of Avalon (Avalon I: Negurile) Nemira (2007)

Stephen King-Christine (Christine) Nemira (2004)

Stephen King-Pet Sematary (Cimitirul Animalelor) Nemira (2003, 2005)

Michael Ende-The Neverending Story (Poveste Fără Sfârșit) Polirom (2005)

Tim Powers-The Anubis Gates

George R.R. Martin-The Armageddon Rag

Jack Vance-Lyonesse IV: Lyonesse

Jack Vance-Dying Earth IV: Cugel’s Saga

Stephen R. Donaldson-Second Chornicles of Thomas Covenant III: The Gold Wielder

C.J. Cherryh-Arafel II: The Dreamstone

C.J. Cherryh-Arafel III: The Tree of Swords and Jewels

R.A. MacAvoy-Damiano I: Damiano

R.A. MacAvoy-Black Dragon I: Tea with the Black Dragon

Samuel R. Delany-Neveryon III: Neveryona-Or the Tale of Signs and Cities

Piers Anthony-Xanth VII: Dragon on a Pedestal

Piers Anthony-Incarnations of Immortality I: On a Pale Horse

Orson Scott Card-Hart’s Hope

Martha Randall-The Sword of Winter

David Eddings-Belgariad III: Magician’s Gambit

Peter Straub-Floating Dragon

Tanith Lee-Novels of Vis II: Anackire

Tanith Lee-Sung in Shadow

Andre Norton-Witch World: Estcarp Cycle VII: Ware Hawk

S. Morgenstern (William Goldman)-The Silent Gondoliers

Evangeline Walton-The Sword Is Forged


Winner  Robert A. Heinlein-Job: A Comedy of Justice

Stephen King & Peter Straub-Talisman I: The Talisman (Talismanul) Nemira (1998, 2009)

Angela Carter-Nights at the Circus (Nopți la Circ) Leda (2008)

R.A. MacAvoy-Damiano II: Damiano’s Lute

R.A. MacAvoy-Damiano III: Raphael

Greg Bear-Songs of Earth and Power I: The Infinity Concerto

Robert Silverberg-Gilgamesh the King

Barbara Hambly-Sunwolf and Starhawk I: The Ladies of Mandrygin

David Eddings-Belgariad IV: Castle of Wizardry

David Eddings-Belgariad V: Enchanter’s End Game

Thomas M. Disch-The Businessman: A Tale of Terror

Piers Anthony-Incarnations of Immortality II: Bearing an Hourglass

Piers Anthony-Xanth VIII: Crewel Lye-A Caustic Yarn

Robert Holdstock-Mythago Wood I: Mythago Wood

Michael Bishop-Who Made Stevie Crye?

S.P. Sowmtow-Vampire Junction I: Vampire Junction

Jane Yolen-Cards of Grief

Robin McKinley-Damar III: The Hero and the Crown

Richard Adams-Beklan Empire II: Maia

Diana Lucile Paxson-Brisingamen

Charles De Lint-Moonheart I: Moonheart

Fred Saberhagen-Book of the Swords III: The Third Book of the Swords

Diana Wynne Jones-Fire and Hemlock

R.A. Lafferty-Cascuin II: Half a Sky

Thoedore ’Eibon’ Donald Klein-The Ceremonies

Katherine Kurtz-King Kelson I: The Bishop’s Heir

Lloyd Alexander-Westmark III: The Beggar Queen


Winner  Roger Zelazny-Amber VI: Trumps of Doom (Amber VI: Atuurile Morții) Tritonic (2008)

Anne Rice-Vampire Chronicles II: The Vampire Lestat (Cronicile Vampirilor II: Vampirul Lestat) Rao (2005)

R.A. MacAvoy-The Book of Kells

Barbara Hambly-Winterlands I: Dragonsbane

Jack Vance-Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl

Katherine Kurtz-King Kelson II: The King’s Justice

Guy Gavriel Kay-Fionavar Tapestry I: The Summer Tree

Lisa Goldstein-The Dream Tree

Piers Anthony-Incarnations of Immortality III: With a Tangled Skein

Patricia Christine Hodgell-Kencyrath II: Dark of the Moon

Raymond F. Eist-Riftwar III: Silverthorn

Charles De Lint-Mulengro

Richard A. Lupoff-Lovecraft’s Book

Steven Brust-Brokedown Palace

Clive Barker-The Damnation Game

Terry Brooks-Shannara III: The Wishongs of Shannara

Megan Lindholm-Wizard of the Pigeons

Michael Shea-In Yana, The Touch of Undying

Parke Godwin-Firelord III: The Last Rainbow

Nancy Willard-Things Invisible to See

Sheri S. Tepper-Mavin Manyshaped I: The Song of Mavin Manyshaped

Sheri S. Tepper-Marianne I: Marianne, the Magus and the Manticore

Nancy Springer-Wings of Flame

Suzy McKee Charnas-Sorcery Hall I: The Bronze King


Winner  Gene Wolfe-Soldier of the Mist I: The Soldier of the Mist

Roger Zelazny-Amber VII: Blood of Amber (Amber VII: Sângele din Amber) Tritonic (2008)

Stephen King-It (Orașul Bântuit) Nemira (2004)

Theodore Sturgeon-Godboy

R.A. MacAvoy-Black Dragon II: Twisting the Rope

Peter Soyer Beagle-The Folk of the Air

Greg Bear-Songs of Earth and Power II: The Serpent Mage

Megan Lindholm-Wizard of the Pigeons

Katherine Kurtz-King Kelson III: The Quest for Saint Chamber

Raymond F. Eist-Riftwar IV: A Darkness at Sethanon

Stpehen R. Donaldson-Mordant’s Need I: The Mirror of Her Dreams

Guy Gavriel Kay-Fionavar Tapestry III: The Darkest Road

Terry Brooks-Magic Kingdom of Landover I: Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold

James P. Blaylock-Langdon St. Ives I: Homunculus

Piers Anthony-Incarnations of Immortality IV: Wielding a Red Sword

Pat Murphy-The Falling Woman

Michael Moorcock-Eternal Champion IV: The Dragon in the Sword

Sheri S. Tepper-Jinian III: Jinian Star-Eye

Ester Mona Friesner-New York I: New York by Night

Poul Anderson & Karen Anderson-King of Ys I: Roma Mater

Judith Tarr-Hound and the Falcon III: The Hounds of God

Geoff Ryman-The Unconquered Country

Charles De Lint-Yarrow

Ramsey Campbell-The Hungry Moon

Barbara Hambly-Winterlands I: Dragonsbane

John Morressy-Kedrigern I: A Voice for Princess

Terry Bisson-The Talking Man


Winner  Orson Scott Card-Prentice Alvin I: Seventh Son

Roger Zelazny-Amber VII: Sign of Chaos (Amber VII: Semnul Haosului) Tritonic (2008)

Stephen King-The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three (Turnul Întunecat II: Alegrea Celor Trei) Nemira (2009)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld III: Equal Rites (Lumea Disc III: Magie de Ambe Sexe) Noesis (2003)

Tim Powers-On Stranger Tides

Clive Barker-Weaveworld

Connie Willis-Lincoln’s Dreams

John Crowley-Aegypt I: Aegypt

Barbara Hambly-Sun Wolf and Starhawk II: The Witches of Wenshar

R.A. MacAvoy-The Grey Horse

K.W. Jetter-Infernal Devices

David Eddings-Malloreon I: Guardians of the West

Stephen R. Donaldson-Mordant’s Need II: A Man Rides Through

Piers Anthony-Incarnations of Immortality V: Being a Green Mother

Emma Bull-War for the Oaks

Jonathan Carroll-Rondua I: Bones of the Moon

Robert R. McCammon-Swan Song

James P. Blaylock-Land of Dreams

Patricia Geary-Strange Toys

Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts-Riftwar: The World on the Other Side I: Daughter of the Empire

Marion Zimmer Bradley-The FireBrand

Kirk Mitchell-Never the Twain

Katharine Kerr-Deverry II: Darkespell

Pat Murphy-The Falling Woman


Winner  Orson Scott Card-Alvin Maker II: Red Prophet

Terry Pratchett-Discworld VI: Wyrd Sisters (Lumea Disc VI: Stranii Surate) Rao (2008)

C.J. Cherryh-The Paladin

Gene Wolfe-There Are Doors

Michael Bishop-Unicorn Mountain

David Eddings-Malloreon II: King of the Murgos

James P. Blaylock-Elfin IV: The Last Coin

Barry Hughart-Master Li II: The Story of the Stone

Charles De Lint-Greenmantle

Robert Holdstock-Mythago Wood II: Lavondyss

Tad Williams-Memory, Sorrow and Thorn I: The Dragonbone Chair

A.A. Attanasio-Wyvern

Elizaneth Ann Scarborough-The Healer’s War

Esther M. Friesner-Druid’s Blood

Tanith Lee-Novels of Vis III: The White Serpent

Jane Yolen-Books of Great Alta I: Sister Light, Sister Dark

Tom Holt-Who’s Afraid of Beowulf?

Patricia A. McKillip-The Changeling Sea

Megan Lindholm-Reindeer People I: The Reindeer People

Jonathan Carroll-Rondua II: Sleeping in Flame

Diana L. Paxson-The White Raven

Michaela Roessner-Walkabout Woman

Susan Martha Schwartz-Silk Roads and Shadows

Kara Dalkey-The Nightingale

Craig Strete-Death in the Spirit House


Winner  Orson Scott Card-Alvin Maker II: Prentice Alvin

Salman Rushdie-The Satanic Verses (Versetele Satanice) Polirom (2008)

Terry Pratchett-Discworld VIII: Guards! Guards! (Lumea Disc VIII: Gărzi! Gărzi!) Rao (2008)

Tim Powers-The Stress of Her Regard

Gene Wolfe-Soldier of the Mist II: Soldier of Arete

C.J. Cherryh-Rusalka I: Rusalka

Bruce McAllister-Dream Baby

Jack Vance-Lyonesse III: Madouc

Jane Yolen-Books of the Great Alta II: White Jenna

David Eddings-Malloreon IV: Sorceress of Darshiva

Jonathan Carroll-Rondua III: A Child Across the Sky

Lisa Goldstein-The Tourist

Michael Moorcock-Elric Saga VII: The Fortress of the Pearl

James P. Blaylock-Elfin III: The Stone Giant

Patricia Collins Wrede-Snow White and Rose Red

Tanith Lee-A Heroine of the World

Sheri S. Tepper-Marianne III: Marianne, the Matchbox and the Malachite Mouse

Judith Tarr-Ars Magica

Tanya Huff-Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light

Nancy Springer-Apocalypse

Melinda M. Snodgrass-Queen’s Gambit Declined

Stephen Lawhead-Pendragon III: Arthur

David Henry Wilson-The Coachman Rat

Steve Erickson-Tours of the Black Cock

Donald Harrington-The Cockroaches of Stay More

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